Polisi Keselamatan Makanan Syarikat
Top Management have developed a FSMS policy that is in line with the requirements of the standard. The policy is available as documented information, is communicated throughout the organization and is also available to interested parties, as appropriate.

Company Food Safety Policy

We are totally committed to provide safe, nutritious and consistent products for human consumption. This should be implemented through :
  1. Commitment to ensure that our products meet the Malaysian & International Food Safety Standards, Statutory Regulations and customer specifications.
  1. Continuous improvement on the quality and safety of our products
  1. Commitment to ensure the effectiveness of the quality and food safety management system
  1. Effective communication of our commitment to our employees, our target customers and the general public
  1. Commitment to implement our systems and policies by all levels of the organization

Our food safety objectives are:

To provide dried organic and natural stick noodles & repacking of dried organic products that meets the requirements of:-
  1. Free from foreign matter as stated below:
1. Stainless Steel Size  :   ≤ 1.5mm
2. Ferrous Size  :   ≤1.0mm
3. Non-Ferrous Size  :   ≤1.2mm
  1. Strive to have 0 product recall due to food safety.
  1. To reduce customer complaint due to food quality issues to ≤8 cases per year.
  1. To achieve zero complaints from customer on product safety issue.

Communicating the food safety policy & objective

  1. Be available and maintained as documented information.
  1. Be communicated, understood and applied at all levels within the organization every 3 months in food safety meeting, available in production area, meeting room, office, changing room and QA room.
  2. Be available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate example at guard house and Everprosper Food Industries Sdn Bhd website (www.organicnoodle.com.my).

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